About us

  • D. Anita Christina , W/o P. Ramesh, founder of GREEN PATH is a Pondicherian since birth. After completing her schooling from St. Joseph of Cluny, Pondicherry did her graduation B.Tech in Civil Engineering from Pondicherry Engineering College and worked as a Civil Engineer in Pondicherry since 1993 to 2003. In view to the above she got selected through UPSC to work as Principal for an Women's ITI under NCT of New Delhi since the mid of 2004 to the beginning of 2008. Later in 2010 she did her Masters in Environmental Engineering from Pondicherry Engineering College and won Gold Medal for her outstanding academic performance.

  • P. Ramesh the co founder of Green PATH , an architect by profession . He has done is Bachelor of Architect from Regional Engineer College, Trichy in the year 1995.

  • In View to the above A Green Home was built in 2012 with aim of achieving Sustainable Development. This Green home focuses on Zero Waste Management which includes both solid and liquid waste. Here solid waste is converted to biogas & liquid waste is given a natural treatment and treated water is used for gardening and toilet flushing. By this concept of “ No Gutters “ peeps in.

In consequence to this GREEN PATH ( a registered Environmental Consultancy Service organization with Registration No:526) was founded in 2013.

Engineers should find a suitable solution to tide over our ecological crisis for Sustainability. The important role of an Environmentalist is utilizing their technical knowledge in managing the waste so as to make earth a greener and livable place to live in.

  1. Visit to a sewage treatment plant for a milk industry, and veerarakiam , Karur.
  2. Visit to Decentralised waste water treatment system (DEWATS) in Auroville.
  3. A case study was done on Biomedical Waste Management at Thuthipatu, Sedarapet main road Puducherry.
  4. A case study was done on Municipal Solid Waste Management at Vellore golden temple in converting their municipal solid waste to manure and biogas.
  5. A case study was done on Municipal Solid Waste Management at Kulithalai, Trichy where manure is produced from waste.
  6. A case study was done on the production of Biogas from Municipal Solid Waste at Mahabalipuram, Chennai.