Solid waste management:

A staggering amount of waste is generated everyday in every town and city. The local bodies are grappling with logistics for its disposal. The problem arises as the government and individual fail to see waste as potential source of energy and agriculture input in form of manure.

Waste management helps in removal of litter, sorting of waste, compostable and non compostable. Now waste segregation is being made mandatory at house hold level showing way to the rest of the people.

Waste water Treatment:

Waste Water treatment is mandatory for improving the quality of waste water that leaches into the ground and controlling the development of puddles with stagnating wastewater which would give rise to bad odor, the breeding of flies and mosquitoes. This leads to spread of contagious diseases.

A city without gutters must be formed.

Need for waste management - GLOBAL WARMING

Ozone layer in the atmosphere is our own warrior that protects earth from the sun's powerful uv radiations. For the past few decades the ozone layer is continusioly bombarded by pollution and resulted in the breaking down of this protective layer.

The thinning of ozone layer allowing the uv raditation to pass through have caused many health hazard in human resulting in malaria , cataract etc etc and also terrible damage to plants and animals. This ultimately disturbs the entire Ecosystem.